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Theoric course Advanced RPA Modality: Online | Price: € 99 *

Register now and access the official agenda of the ADVANCED RPA COURSE (Drone Pilot) on our platform for only € 99. Check the conditions of the offer in the course information.

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Theoric course Advanced RPA Modality: Online | Price: € 99 *
Theoric course Advanced RPA Modality: Online | Price: € 99 *

Convocatoria y ubicación.

Open convocatory

Online course approved by AESA.

Información del curso

The online theoretical course consists of:

  • 54 hours of online learning + 6 hours of face-to-face learning.
  • Exams and review tutorials on the platform.
  • Free training schedule.
  • In-person final theoretical exam.

The student will obtain the official RPA Advanced RPA theory approved by AESA. In order to pilot a drone, the student will still lack the corresponding practical qualification with a drone within one of the three categories (0-5kg, 5-15kg, 15-25kg). For practical qualification, contact EBREDRONE for more information.


Terms and conditions

  • The online theoretical course has a total price of € 299.
  • To take the final exam in person, the entire course must be paid, that is, the remaining € 200. This amount can be financed and / or divided. Consult EBREDRONE.
  • You will not be able to take the final exam unless you have taken a minimum of 54 teaching hours on the platform, as well as all the tests that have been satisfactorily passed.
  • To take the final exam in person, the student will contact EBREDRONE communicating the passing of the course according to the previous point and a day and an hour will be specified with the student to take it in the EBREDRONE training room.
  • Once enrolled in the course, there are 3 calendar months for its completion and completion. If the final exam is not taken within said period, the student will be dropped, losing the right to a refund of the amount paid for registration.
  • The student must be of legal age.

Precio curso

  • Curso piloto drone online

    Incluye acceso a la plataforma online y temario teórico. Exámenes de preparación y tutorías con los instrucotres de EbreDrone.




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