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Why use drones to fight COVID-19?

According to Royal Decree 1036/2017 that regulates the use of drones within civilian use, it is allowed to operate in areas where under normal conditions it is not allowed due to the situation of serious risk, catastrophe or public calamity; always under the competent local authority.

EbreDrone offers its services with drones that can be useful to minimize contagion risks and make operations more efficient in the face of the COVID crisis19 that we are experiencing.


Equipment with a large liquid and solid load (10 l./10 kg.) To disinfect large areas or areas that are difficult to access for other machinery or people.

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We are specialists in this field, being the first operational drone to spray in Catalonia and one of the first in Spain that allows us to do the same job as about 10 people.

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We minimize infections and ensure efficiency and operational speed.



We have designed and adapted our drones to be able to give new applications in this situation.

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These teams are shipped with megaphone loudspeakers via radio and with distinctive police lights. In this way, the authority can control warning the population during confinement.



Our teams allow you to perform a large sweep in a very short period of time, with the ability to locate people and geolocate them.

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This video surveillance is carried out from a safe place with RGB and thermographic cameras, allowing night operations.



Equipment with radiometric thermal imaging cameras that allow citizens and professionals to know the temperature quickly, safely and quickly.

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Dozens of measurements can be made in a few minutes, being a great advantage in places of influx of people.

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