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The DRONE: much more than a camera ...

wind farms

The use of drones for the inspection of parks and wind towers, allows to review in just a few minutes what an operator would take hours to check, reducing the times considerably. Furthermore, human risks are reduced by being able to determine which towers should be intervened and which not, thus avoiding a greater number of risky interventions.


Taking high-resolution images thanks to the HD cameras incorporated into the drones, offers us the capture of details to the millimeter, which will later serve us to look for defects and damage to structures .



Thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as multispectral cameras or thermal sensors, it is possible to detect anomalies in structures and buildings as well as the formation of fungi, water leaks, cracks in welds, detection of hot spots and many other agents that abnormally affect infrastructures. very diverse such as electric towers, maritime barriers or industrial buildings.

At Ebredrone we have carried out multiple studies and we have the technology and knowledge necessary to be able to support any type of related problem in inspections, whether small or large-scale. In addition, not only do we lend ourselves to help detect abnormalities, but we also undertake to monitor and carefully treat any unwanted agent.


We carry out preventive maintenance technical inspections with drone technology. Equipment with high-resolution cameras and zoom that allow us to work with large safety margins.

Operations with two operators (drone pilot and qualified composite technician) allow us to carry out inspections very quickly and professionally, achieving shorter downtimes and reducing costs for the company.



Topography is one of the most extensive fields of application for drone technology internationally, since it allows obtaining real maps with precise contour lines with a considerable reduction in production cost.

Ebredrone will offer multiple services within this field, such as 2D mapping to obtain ortomosaics of the terrain or 3D modeling of varied orography, which will provide a virtual model of the terrain.


Thanks to the use of drones equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the use of applied software, a low-cost and high-quality tool is offered for related purposes in the field of topography, orography study and other types of analysis related to detection and terrain interpretation.

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