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Pau Jornet

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CTO and co-founder

Air Navigation Engineer


Hadar Ayxandri

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Bussiness developer and marketing.

Hans Esteban

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Director of operations

Flight instructor


Josep Bello

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CEO and co-founder

Telecommunications Engineer

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  EbreDrone is a drone operator (UAV) specialized in precision agriculture and industry. We improve the profitability of businesses by capturing, processing and delivering to the client more and better information, and in real time, about their properties or facilities, which allows better decision-making that impacts efficiency and productivity.

Our team of engineers has a long experience in deploying drone technology solutions (Air-UAV, Surface-USV, Terrestrial-AGV) in different verticals, being leaders in drone fumigation at the European level and pioneers in preventive maintenance solutions with drone. Industrial facilities.

As an operator authorized by AESA, we have special authorizations for night flights and urban needs (on cities and people), being one of the few Spanish companies to obtain these two permits.

As a drone pilot school, EbreDrone has formed its own network of pilots with the best equipment, sensors and flight techniques for each sector based on our "know-how" to offer the client all the most relevant critical information about their facilities in the palm of your hand, with our intuitive management platform.

Our R&D department is working on several pioneering artificial intelligence and autonomous navigation projects with international partners to ensure that we deliver the world's most cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients. One of these projects has allowed us to be chosen from the 25 finalist companies with the most growth potential from among more than 250 of 36 European countries to the StartUp3 Project of the European Commission.




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