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Cost reduction
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Drone spraying is a precision application of variable rate of liquid pesticides, fertilizers, phytosanitary products, herbicides and ecological products, which brings new levels of efficiency and manageability to agriculture.

Crop spraying with drones is of great support to producers in the agricultural sector and acts efficiently on crops at such a level that you can measure how many drops fall on each leaf of the plant.

The drones of our company are capable of detecting tree branches or cables with a thickness of 1 centimeter at a distance of 15 meters during the day and night , they also maintain the designated height regardless of whether the terrain is winding or uneven, including radars They can work at night or in low light , they are tolerant to large amounts of dust and water ( Protection IP67 ) this is due to the renewal of the multidirectional radar system against obstacles and ground level detection , undoubtedly providing greater safety of the aircraft.

The fumigation drone can carry up to 10 kg of liquid cargo or solid microgranules, including pesticides and fertilizers.

The combination of speed and power means that an area of 4,000 to 6,000 m² can be covered in just 10 minutes, or 40 to 60 times faster than manual spraying operations.

The intelligent spray system automatically adjusts your spray according to flight speed so that an even spray is always applied.

In this way, the amount of pesticide or fertilizer is precisely regulated to avoid contamination and save operations.

The drone we use has four nozzles, each placed directly underneath a motor. The downward air flow generated by the propellers accelerates the spray, increasing its range.

Smart dispersers.

Impeccable spray.

Our team houses the RTK high precision positioning and navigation technology, which offers centimeter precision positioning, and the precise trajectory that can be used repeatedly. Directional search technology with dual antennas provides high resistance to electromagnetic interference, ensuring flight safety even when the aircraft is flying near high voltage cables or other difficult environments.
The spray nozzles can be chosen according to the properties of each liquid to optimize atomization, energy efficiency and the amount of liquid sprayed. The included nozzles are wear resistant and can be used for thousands of hours without degrading
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