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1. Planning

Fine tunning.

Making a security and operational plan appropriate to the specific conditions of each operation. Preparation and adaptation of the equipment to the needs of the client in question.


2. Operation

Field flight.

Obtaining aerial images under the previously established conditions: height, speed, spatial resolution, chosen sensors, flight times and project purposes.


3. Image processing

Compilation of the images and elaboration of maps.

Analysis of the data obtained during the operation in order to make georeferenced maps of the fields to be studied. Vigor maps, location of weeds, pest outbreaks or thermal maps of irrigation performance


4. Analysis

Reporting and delivery of results.

Interpretation and elaboration of exhaustive reports of the procedure in order to detect harmful agents present in the field and establish a personalized treatment program.

Collection of georeferenced data

These data contain a specific geographical position. We obtain them by using remote sensing.

How and when.

Precision agriculture consists of acting at the right time and in the right place to quantify the variability of the terrain.

Production optimization.

To determine the causes that provoke the intra-parcelial variation of production and quality of the plot, together with the execution of a differential treatment.

DJI-T16-3 editado.jpg
Detection and application.

In addition to detecting nutritional, water stress and harmful agents for cultivation, Ebredrone is committed to the application of plant protection products in the field with drone technology. Precision spraying by sectors.

Water stress

With this technique it will be possible to see the physiological state of the crops through temperature variations. Application with a thermal imager.

Plagues and diseases

Crop inspection to find anomalies by changing the reflectivity of the plant.

Nutritional stress

Service that will offer a recommendation on the dose to be applied, making a fertilization map to optimize the crop.


Through this service, weed-infested areas can be located and specific treatments can be carried out.

Phytosanitary application

Application of plant protection products and ecological products by drone. Maximum efficiency, precision and cost reduction.

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